How to Incorporate Wood Into Your Interior Design

  • 9 months ago
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Whether you like a rustic, industrial or mod look in your space, the next time you’re considering an interior redesign, don’t miss out on decorating with wood.

If you can, wood flooring is one of the loveliest ways to use wood in your space. Choose a stain that compliments your space—like a light blonde wood for smaller rooms or a darker variety to make wide open spaces seem intimate.

If you do have a wood floor, choose a different wood tone for your furniture to avoid your pieces getting lost. Blonde wood furniture atop a darker, mahogany floor can be gorgeous.

Don’t let wood paneling taint your impression of wood walls. Choose a natural, grainy wood and apply it to one wall for a chic, rustic pop of color.

Look for wood pieces so gorgeous you’d like to hang them on your wall. Turn to farmer’s markets, craft fairs and even Etsy for seriously gorgeous wooden art pieces.

Wood coasters, wood coat racks by the door, wood crates as end tables and even staining your wooden window frames can all add a little extra wow factor to your space.

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