ABOUT > Alyssa Omand
Marketing Manager

Meet Alyssa, Marketing Manager

Alyssa Omand is a distinguished marketing professional who brings her lifelong passion for real estate to our esteemed team. Her journey beautifully encapsulates the harmonious blend of marketing expertise and an innate understanding of the real estate landscape.

With her roots in a family-owned real estate business, Alyssa has cultivated an unmatched affinity for our industry. Her commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of her work, from the meticulous crafting of dynamic marketing strategies to the artful curation of captivating social media narratives.

As an integral member of our team, Alyssa’s professional journey mirrors a symphony, where her marketing finesse and unwavering passion for real estate harmoniously merge. Her story continues to unfold with every client connection she forges, an ongoing narrative of excellence and dedication that elevates the real estate experience to new heights.

Welcome Alyssa Omand to our team, where her marketing prowess enriches our collective expertise, and her lifelong love for real estate contributes to the symphony of success we create with every client interaction.

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