Deciding to Sell

Closing Day

Congratulations on reaching the final stage of the selling process! Here are some important things to take care of before and during the closing:

  1. Final Walk-Through Inspection: Typically conducted the day before or on the day of closing, the final walk-through inspection allows the buyer to ensure that everything is in working order and as agreed upon. They will check that the property is in the same condition as when they last viewed it and that no additional items have been left behind.
  2. Cancel Home Services and Utilities: We will provide you with a list of useful numbers to contact for canceling home services and utilities after the closing. This ensures a smooth transition and prevents any unnecessary charges.
  3. Be Prepared: Even at this stage, unforeseen issues may arise. If there are any unexpected glitches or delays, rest assured that we are here to assist you. We have experience handling such situations efficiently and with minimal stress.
  4. Closing: During the closing, the closing agent will provide all parties involved with a settlement statement. This statement summarizes the financial transactions that have taken place throughout the process. The buyer(s) will sign the statement, followed by your signature and the closing agent’s, certifying its accuracy.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled closing, alternative arrangements can be made depending on the circumstances and advance notice. If you are receiving funds from the transaction, you can choose to have them wired electronically to your financial institution or receive a check at the closing.

It’s important to have all property keys and any other relevant information ready for the new purchaser at the closing, ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership. We will guide you through the closing process and ensure that all necessary steps are taken care of, making it a seamless and successful conclusion to your property sale.

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